Long Distance Film Festival

May 27th-31st 2021

Long Distance Film Festival is a new form of film festival for these unprecedented cultural moments. We are an entirely online global live-stream marathon of short films built to highlight new and exciting work from people all around the world. 

Films will be screened live online through Spectacle Theater’s new streaming platform and will be completely free to viewers around the world.

For more information on this year’s festival, check out our schedule!

Last year’s festival was a huge success. We played over 52 films from 26 countries, and thousands of people tuned in over the festival weekend to indulge in a curated set that ran the gamut of form and style. We showcased classic genre fiction, documentary, experimental, arthouse, comedy films, animation, dance, video essays, music videos, quarantine films, you name it! Moving forward, LDFF will stay true to its origins by supporting art and media made under quarantine’s limitations. We welcome personal films made with smaller budgets and limited crews.  

Submissions are viewed by our programming team, composed of artists and critics alike, before being curated into screening blocks that express unified or developing themes. We hope you share in our idealism for a more broadened appreciation of media and encourage you to submit your films and join us in May! 

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Read more about last year’s edition here.

Contact us regarding press or partnerships at longdistancefilmfestival@gmail.com.