Spectacle Theater Partnership Announcement

We at Long Distance Film Festival are excited to announce a partnership with Spectacle Theater, a collectively run screening space in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Established and staffed entirely by hard-working, cinema-loving volunteers, the theater exemplifies an at-risk spatial aspect of theater-going that we hope will be preserved in the aftermath of this cultural anomaly: the impact of curated film on local communities. For almost a decade, Spectacle has brought overlooked works, offbeat gems, contemporary art, radical polemics, live performance, and more to their audience from a wide array of nationally recognized artists.

Though its physical doors have been closed since the onset of quarantine, Spectacle continues to bring old and new programming to its audience through its “Spectacle in Exile” effort, a live-stream effort that has pushed the micro-cinema onto the global stage. In spite of the financial burden placed on the non-profit repertory effort, the theater has graciously offered to share both their audience and reputation by hosting the Long Distance Film Festival on their platform. 

In the meantime, visit Spectacle’s website for some rare, quality cinema.

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