LDFF was conceptualized amidst the throes of the Covid-19 pandemic, after many of the world’s film festivals — regardless of scale or significance — were abruptly cancelled. The industry halted and many of our budding colleagues, whether they be filmmakers, producers, exhibitors, programmers, found their ambitions indefinitely postponed. In this especially confusing time of solitude/ solidarity, our team envisions this festival to be a corrective platform that will offer continued support to the expression of new voices and affirm the resilience of our favorite medium. 

With this in mind, we aim to follow in the trajectory of our industry by adapting to the limitations of this current landscape with an alternative understanding of the film festival. LDFF will highlight new and exciting work for and from those currently in social isolation or under quarantine with a series of short film programs, all readily available online and streamed live. Submitted films will be judged regardless of classification and selected films will be compiled into curated blocks in order to highlight unified or developing themes within separate forms and styles. In this sense, the festival also explores the artistic potential of programming by linking disparate contexts through careful sequencing. Selected filmmakers will be connected to the peers in their groups in order to promote the spirit of collaboration within the medium.

Festival Director – Elias ZX
Programming Coordinator – Chase Newman
Programs Assistant – Eleanor Morgan
Titles and Graphics – Michael Price

Social Media – Brian Haver-Scanlon
Additional Artwork – Erynn Quirk
Original Music – Noah Horowitz
Consultant – Jason Ooi

Long Distance Film Festival is only possible through generous support from:




Senses of Cinema / Filmotomy / Cell.Vision / Film-Cred / Cineccentric (2) (3) / FilmRoot