Our three programs will premiere at 8pm EST and be re-screened twice at 4am EST and 12pm EST the next day. Screenings will take place on festival partner Spectacle Theater’s custom streaming platform. You can also watch the films right here on our site, but you will not be able to enter full screen or join the live chat.

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The stream will have no geo-blocking and will be completely free to watch for viewers around the world.

All program notes written by Chase Newman, Elias ZX, Eleanor Morgan, Garret Linn, Miles Vincent and Sarah Joseph. (thank you)

Recreation (dir. Duane Peterson III) (USA) (World Premiere)

May 28th
Opening Night: Past

Premieres May 28th at 8pm EST. Repeat screenings on May 29th at 4am EST & 12pm EST.

Personal histories, historical identities, and the way the past dictates our lives. These films tell stories about immigrants, imperialists, and lovers. They exemplify our goals for the festival by showcasing a wide variety of visual styles and thematic ideas. (92 min)

Full program notes are available here.

existing is a bitch rn (dir. Hannah King Bosnian) (USA) (World Premiere)

May 29th
Centerpiece: Present

Premieres May 29th at 8pm EST. Repeat screenings on May 30th at 4am EST & 12pm EST.

It has been more than a year since we started to self-isolate. Even as vaccines are rolled out and lockdown restrictions loosen, it seems like isolation still dictates the way we live our lives. These films interrogate the value of keeping to yourself, wishing you could fly away, and wanting to become something else. (89 min)

Followed by this year’s Special Present(ation): two quiet films that attempt to make sense of small spaces between our words. (55 min)

Full program notes are available here.

Still Processing (dir. Sophy Romvari) (Canada)

May 30th
Closing Night: Future

Premieres May 30th at 8pm EST. Repeat screenings on May 31st at 4am EST & 12pm EST.

What do we give to the world and what are we going to leave behind? The films selected for this screening block deal directly with family, mortality, and our lineages in this world. These are stories about newborns, parents, children, and how we will always be connected to somebody else. (87 min)

Full program notes are available here.

Poster by Erynn Quirk, titles designed by Michael Price

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