Closing Night: Future


What do we give to the world and what are we going to leave behind? The films selected for this screening block deal directly with family, mortality, and our lineages in this world. These are stories about newborns, parents, children, and how we will always be connected to somebody else.

You can watch the stream live on May 30th at 8pm EST here or at It will screen again May 31st at 4am EST and 12pm EST.

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Shadows in the Landscape (dir. Edwin Miles)
Shadows in A Landscape (dir. Edwin Miles) (United Kingdom) (7:06)

In what may be a genuinely haunted artifact, the filmmaker takes us on a walk through scenic hills before finding the apparition of someone from his past. -EZ

Close Your Eyes and See Purple Stars (dir. Joe Lueben) (USA) (5:00) Online Premiere

Close Your Eyes and See Purple Stars finds a self-aware father struggling to provide a normal childhood for his three-year-old son, in the midst of a global pandemic and ongoing racial strife in the United States. -CN

Raspberry (dir. Julian Doan)
Raspberry (dir. Julian Doan) (USA) (7:19)

In Raspberry, a young man struggles to find a way to express his grief after the death of his father. -CN

First Love (dir. Ziyao Susan Xie) (USA) (2:19)

Shot on Super 8mm, the artist recreates an image of her mother as a young woman, smiling, dancing around in her room and wearing a necklace made of pearls. Is it an adaptation? A transformation? Or is it all just imagined?-EZ

You Are My Son (dir. Phoenix Logan) (USA) (4:22)wORLD PREMIERE

On his 18th birthday James imagines himself old and decrepit with a face he doesn’t recognize. Logan’s film is darkly comic, astoundingly ambiguous and self-reflexive look at what it means to become a man. -EZ

The Test (dir. Raghav Puri) (USA) (6:01)

Mara and Ben grapple with the uncertainty of the future while waiting for the results of a pregnancy test. Through sharp dialogue and an elegant one-shot style, The Test explores love and taking the next step in a relationship. -EZ

Carpe Diem (dir. Eddie Silva)
Carpe Diem (dir. Eddie Silva) (Brazil) (1:00)

A feel-good celebration of life and growth. -CN

Trouble (dir. Camille Pueyo) (France) (2:43)

Using found footage from the family archive, Trouble is an earnest look at the director’s mother’s experience with Bipolar disorder. -EM

With Feeling (dir. Gillian McKercher) (Canada) (10:00) International Premiere

Over the course of an intimate evening that celebrates romance both new and old, With Feeling perfectly illustrates the human dynamics that keep love alive. -CN

Trammel (dir. Christopher Bell)
Trammel (dir. Christopher Bell) (USA) (10:49)

Through Dale’s conversations with his pharmacist we learn the intimate details of his life, but more is revealed through the quiet moments of Bell’s hilarious and melancholic film than we ever learn from Dale’s ramblings. -EZ

The Village (dir. Jenny Dinwoodie) (United Kingdom) (14:04) wORLD PREMIERE

Filmed entirely in lockdown, The Village is a vibrant love letter to the directors’ home in rural Somerset and the neighbors—animals, plants, and humans—that live there. -EM

Still Processing (dir. Sophy Romvari)
Still Processing (dir. Sophy Romvari) (Canada) (15:55)

Does grief ever come to a close? Still Processing utilizes family photos to reveal the emotional complexities of memory, grief, and documentary filmmaking. -EM

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