2020 Schedule

Our first three programs will premiere on their respective days at 7 PM EST and be re-screened on the following day at 1 PM EST to account for different time zones.

Screenings will take place on festival partner Spectacle Theater’s Twitch account. A stream page will be embedded on the site once the festival begins. For now, check the page out to see some of the rare and underappreciated films that they’ve been featuring since quarantine has started!

Slaughter (dir. Saman Hosseinpuor) (Iran) (Online Premiere)
June 19
Opening Night: Culture

Premieres June 19th at 7PM EST. Second screening on June 20th 1PM EST.

How accurate is the narrative you have been dealt? These films embody the spirit of the festival by negotiating selfhood relative to structures of identification. They take us to local cultures and social spaces, creatively challenging pre-existing contexts in search for individual motivation.

Full program notes are available here.

Dog Report (dir. Porcelain Bomb) (USA)
june 20
Centerpiece: Connection

Premieres June 20th at 7PM EST. Second screening on June 21st 1PM EST.

These films exemplify the universal desire to connect. Romanticized successes, foreboding failures, and the constantly changing dichotomy between physical and digital connectivity all coalesce in this shape-shifting approach to our role and influence on our ecosystems.

Full program notes are available here.

Together (dir. Laine Elliot) (USA) (World Premiere)
June 21
Closing Night: Covid

Premieres June 21st at 7PM EST. Second screening on June 22nd 1PM EST.

Our world has changed immeasurably in a short number of months. Not all of the films in our Closing Night program were made during quarantine, but they do all present various perspectives on isolation, sickness, and the hopes and anxieties attached to the vague future. You are not alone.

Full program notes are available here.

Ghost of the Golden Grove (dir. Aniket Dutta & Roshni Sen) (India) (Online Premiere)
June 22
Special Presentation: Ghost of the Golden Groves

Premieres June 22nd at 7PM EST. Second screening on June 24th at 9pm EST.

“Strange incidents occur in the heart of ‘Shonajhuri’ Forest in rural Bengal…” This debut feature from India connects past to present spiritually, politically, and culturally, synthesizing localized and global traumas with the ever-changing film landscape into a timeless tribute to the art of the past.

Full program notes are available here.

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