Special Screening: Ghost of the Golden Groves

June 22
Special Presentation: Ghost of the Golden Groves

“Strange incidents begin to occur to Promotho, a Survey officer from Kolkata visiting the ‘Shonajhuri’ forest area for developing roads inexplicable lights gliding through the forest, an anonymous voice calling out his name, the sinister wailing of a tribal woman and finally a random encounter with a polymorph, all draw him deep into the treacherous web of the golden groves.

In comes Bibhuti, a poor cook from a distant village who lands a caretaker’s job at an abandoned house in the same forest. Two years later, Bibhuti has turned into a recluse. .. or has he? There are “others” in the house who go about their own activities but they keep him happy. So happy that he’ll never leave! A story of two protagonists who never meet – at least not in the dimension we’re aware of!”

This debut feature from India connects past to present spiritually, politically, and culturally, synthesizing localized and global traumas with the ever-changing film landscape into a timeless tribute to the art of the past. Aniket Dutta and Roshni Sen’s debut feature is a stunning blend of sensibilities that examines the nature of modern “dystopia” through a lens of past retro-futurist interpretations.

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