• The filmmaker has read and understood the rules and regulations and to the best of their knowledge, all statements are true. The filmmaker is duly authorized to submit this film to Long Distance Film Fest.
  • It is the filmmaker(s) responsibility to have all releases for any and all subject content. The opinion(s) expressed in the film are those of the filmmakers, not the festival or its associates. 
  • The Festival reserves the right to modify credit sequences to smooth the transition between films in a given screening block. All credit sequences will be shown.
  • All music and other copyrighted material used must be properly licensed.
  • Submissions must be in English or have English subtitles.
  • Cover letters are preferred but optional.


  • An “Audience Award” will be given to the three most popular films of the festival through a form on our official website. The winners of these awards will receive  year-long memberships to the curated streaming services Kinoscope and Mubi.
  • Jury awards will be given out to a variety of films throughout the fest and presented in the form of a ‘ceremony’ at the end. The winners of these awards will play on as part of its LDFF Spotlight. These filmmakers will be featured alongside a prestigious group of established and emergent filmmakers alike. Winners will also receive an annual membership to Mubi.
  • All filmmakers selected to screen during the festival will be connected to an online community of their peers.
  • Festival laurels will be provided for all official selections.


March 30, 2020
Submissions Open
April, 22, 2020
Regular Deadline
May 25, 2020
Late Deadline
May 28, 2020
Notification Date
June 19-21, 2020
Event Date